The Problem​​​


 *children are entering school have never held a book
*never been read to
*books are not in their homes
*children start off behind and without interventions they don't catch up
*there are not adequate books in the home to read​ 



 *too many of our children are entering school with a lack of basic academic readiness
*5 year old students are scorning 32 percent of what is expected
 *reading with a young child is just not a priority any longer 

What's Next?


 If strong reading skills are not developed early, the child struggles academically throughout their formal school years.
If not no grade by the end of 1st grade the child is "At Risk" of failing school.
By the end of 3rd grade they feel hopeless, and will drop out by the 9th grade. 

Don't Count Me Out


Book Collection

 We  are looking for business owners and community centers to partner with  for book donation drop off locations. Click here (link contact us page)  to inquire about being a collection site. 

Reading Programs

 We  will go out into our communities to read at daycares, YMCA’s,  recreation centers, and during after school programs at various  locations. 

Book Carnival

 Children  who participate will get the book that is read at the carnival by a  celebrity or volunteer. Food, health fair, vendor booths for businesses  and community programs will be available. A library representative will  be on hand to sign kids up for library cards. We will have bounce  houses, arts & crafts, and other entertainment to get the kids  interested in reading. 

Story Book Parades

 To  be held within the community in which they live. Kids dress up like a  character and walk a couple of blocks within their area. It will be a  celebration for reading. We will have food and snacks at the community  center. We are looking for community centers to partner with in low  income areas.


 We are in need of volunteers for our reading programs. 
We are also looking for locations for book donations; we can provide a box for collections.
Click Here, and let us know how you would like to participate. 

Book Drops. Locations to leave your books.

 Higher Praise Family Church
2909 Horton Street
Forest Hill, TX 76119
Sundays 9a.m.-12 noon
Call 682-551-7529 for additional times 

 Champions Get Fit
10136 N. Crowley Rd
Crowley, TX 76036
Monday-Friday 7 a.m.-7 p.m.
Call 817-915-2388 

 McGinty and Associates
2238 E. Loop 820
Fort Worth, TX 76016
Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
Call 817-446-6112 

 Morning Star Prayer Center
4600 Wichita Street
Fort Worth, TX 76119