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Our mission is to provide books to children that are learning to read and to children, teenagers,

 Book Angel  was founded in 2013 by Kathy Davis. As a kindergarten teacher, she  realized that everyone isn’t starting off on the same page. Kids scored  at 38% for initial testing which means that A lot of hard work was  required to get them to the level where they should be. Parents and the  education system are not taking it serious how far behind children are  when entering school – simple instructions like answering to their name  is sometimes a challenge.

Book Angel was created to address this  lack in early age literacy. Through reading programs, book carnivals,  after school programs and other literacy focused programs Kathy wants to  tackle the problem head on. 

Ms. Kathy is a reading specialist.  Classroom teacher of Kindergarten and First grade students in Fort Worth  ISD. As a classroom teacher she saw how children struggled. Reading was  hard for Kathy as a child and when schools became integrated she got  lost in the shuffle. She was a good student and made good grades, but  wasn’t quite getting it. She realized by the time she got to college  that she had a reading problem. After college she had a cleaner’s  business and heard a calling from God to teach her children. She signed  up to substitute teach and realized that they had a need for teachers  seeing as how her voice mail box stayed full with substitute teaching  requests. She realized she had the natural art of teaching – her  professor agreed that she only needed the scientific aspect.  She  commanded a room – if she said to sit down and be quiet, that is what  the children did. She has no clue how she does it – tone, delivery, etc.  – still, the kids Loved her. She knew that kids took what she delivered  in Love – it was a love kind of fuss and they listened because she  cared. Teaching the children about their history played a huge role. She  kept getting long term assignments because partly because she was able  to pull the best of the children she taught – it truly was a natural  instinct. She has a degree in business and a Master’s in teaching. She  ended up specializing in reading although she loved math and physical  education. She kept gravitating towards reading courses to help the  students that she was substituting for, so she knew this was the  direction she was meant to go in.

Thinking as a single mother  what she wanted for her children, she wanted that for all children.  Mediocracy would not be tolerated – she consistently raised the bar and  worked hard to help her children and those she taught to get there. Her  goal was always to have 90% of her students to hit the raised bar, the  other 10% would be at the level they should be at. She consistently had  kindergarten and first grade children coming out of her class reading 2  and 3 levels beyond their grade. She is the author of a book – “Stop  Retarding Your Child! – Over 25 ways to stop hindering your child, and  straightforward solutions to help them function properly in the  classroom and in life”.

Ms. Kathy knew that teaching was a  calling on her life, not just a job. She has not been afraid to stand up  and fight for what she could not stand for with the system. Everyone  does not learn at the same level – she wants to help children to have a  true head start. Seeing families and homes where everyone in the home is  illiterate is what keeps her passionate. Her grandmother used to tell  her – go ahead and be what you want to be – when you go through that  door, you reach back and grab that others. This is what she was taught  and what she lives by. 

Reading is a building block for life.

Prison beds are based on 3rd grade reading scores. 8 years olds counted out!